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Her bare arse left no doubt in the dogs mind as to why she was there. Leaning against the door jam, Andie eyed the two frightened women and ordered, All right, kids, time to take off your clothes and let Andie see what she's getting. Slowly both of them began stripping off their things, while the big bull watched with detached amusement, it was always fun seeing little fems exposing themselves for the first time, and these two were putting on a great show for her.

When they were both naked, Andie walked over to them and began feeling them all over their bodies, while taking special interest in their pussies, Mmmmm, my two little babies have wet pussies, now isn't that nice, getting all ready for mama's big pecker.

Both girls shuddered while Andie probed their vaginas, and for the first time in their lives they realized how intoxicating it could be to be have true dom pleasuring them. Okay, ladies, over to the bed, Andie ordered, while watching hungrily as the two plump bottoms, swayed to and fro as the room mates made their way to the bed. While Erin and Shawna stared in utter fascination, Andie dropped her tool belt to the floor and slowly started removing her work clothes.

While both of them were slim and trim, with petite builds, Andie on the other hand was shall we say, full figured. Her bra must have been a forty double d-cup, and instead of women's panties, she wore a pair of light blue men's boxer shorts, which under normal circumstances would have looked rather comical, but in this case, they made her look even more imposing.

Which one of you two little cunts wants to help me take off my bra, she asked menacingly. Almost too afraid to move, Shawna raised her hand and offered, I'll help you, Andie. Good girl, the big dyke responded while lifting her arms so the young woman could slip the giant brassiere from her shoulders, now let's see now good you two are at tit sucking. Andie laid down on the bed, nestled them to her bosom while feeding a large thick nipple into each of their mouths.

Soon the only sounds you could hear were the loud slurping noises coming from Erin and Shawna's nipple sucking, and of course from the sighs that the big bull made while nursing the two cute little tit suckers. For both Shawna and Erin, this was a completely different kind of sex and nothing like the equal give and take they had when they were alone together, this was a total domination by a woman who was very adept at making her charges obey her every command and do so willingly.

After a good ten minutes of sucking, Andie caressed each woman's bottom and asked softly, Are you ready for your fucking now. A shiver ran through them as they imagined being reamed out by the big dyke, but in almost whispered voices they replied, Yes, we're ready.

They hit it off straight away she thought. I looked at the old man that was the emperor, we are not leaving you this time sir. How big you cock.

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Hum, yes nice cum ! love your small cock !
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wahhh hizo matiti
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amazing!!! hot !!
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Nice tits just the right size
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Those tan lines, tho!What would I give to fuck and/or be fucked by the likes of them!
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Would love to be talked to like that!
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Well fucked
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Thks for the invite!
Runck 3 months ago
Not all of these are real cum shots. The second one, for example, is phony. You can see the tube next to the base of his balls. But most are really hot!