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Tight. Steve couldn't believe that a woman of sixty years could be so tight, but her pussy squeezed his cock just like as hard as his wife's did. God, you're tight, he moaned, as soon as his head penetrated her opening, while she responded in kind with, And you are huge, and so thick, god it's been so long. What didn't take long, however, was Marianne's first orgasm, which in fact, came before Steve could even stroke in and out once.

Steve didn't stop and let her rest, he kept up his pounding until he felt her passion rising again. Oh fuck me, she moaned, fuck me like I was your whore. Over in the corner, Bob was watching wide eyed, and hearing his wife begging to be fucked brought tears to his eyes. Steve was now on automatic pilot, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop him, as he rammed his seven inch member in and out of Marianne's vagina.

So, so long, she moaned, it's been so fucking long. I have a beautiful redheaded girlfriend that is carrying my child.

As he moved his hands lower over her tummy, his thick fingers pressed the white flesh just above her growth of brown pubic hair, sprouting thickly at the bottom of her bare belly. Anthony checked again to make sure the stove was off then he grabbed Liz's ass and stood, Liz wrapped her legs around his waist.

She arched her back and smiled down at me as though she was pleasantly surprised that I had taken the matter in hand. And now, If I thought she looked great before, she was over the top hot.

Her light touch was perfect for Jakson; everything this girl did drove him crazy. There is a hint of freckles on her face under the feathered eyes. Even though his teenage daughter was in the room, Curt Mead never hesitated as he quickly removed every stitch of clothing until he was completely nude in front of the two women. So, Alicia said softly, you just think you can flaunt the rules around here, is that it, well with this stuck up your ass for an hour you can contemplate you transgressions.

Curt was visibly shaken as he stared at the massive black dildo his wife was holding in her stern hands, and even though he knew the pain would be excruciating, he immediately gained an erection as he bent over and waited for his wife to penetrate his tight asshole. Look at him, Nancy, Alicia said to her daughter, the dumb fucker is so stupid he gets a hardon when he's being punished, isn't that just like a man. With little or no fanfare, Alicia rammed the ten inch long violator deep into her husband's bowel, causing him to scream out in a mixture of agony and pleasure, while he slid helplessly to the floor.

Say, Alicia asked Nancy, do you have a date this afternoon or anything. Nope, Nancy replied, why do you ask. Well since we have your father on the floor and available, we might as well take advantage of it, Alicia said while removing her panties, why don't you take off yours too so he can clean up both of our pussies.

Alicia sat down on a kitchen chair with her legs spread wide apart and ordered, Get over here, maggot, you know what to do, you've done it often enough. Half sliding and crawling, Curt Mead made his way over to his spread wife, and without making eye contact, gently began tonguing her to completion.

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