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From: Sherie
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For Her Daddy

I thought that here was my chance to get back the one man that ever truly cared for me. In fact, a week from Monday, she has a job interview with the local clinic. They went hand in hand to the bathroom and it was small.

Since I was fifteen, she said. Appearing next to Naci he held a knife at her throat. The door had no sooner shut than she attacked me with a passion that floored me. The sheriff was going on the presumption that after he wrecked the truck he'd stumbled in his drunken stupor into the woods to avoid the police finding him drunk. Her healing power to increase when John's vital signs had started to falter. Lets just say that were friends and crewmates and leave it at that.

Bonnie stared glassy eyed while Cherry's tongue snaked out and slid easily along Valerie's we cunt lips. Eat her fucking cunt, she whispered as her hand dropped to her pussy as she began fingering her own gaping pussy. My, god, Valerie gasped, w-what are we doing, are we out of our minds. Do you want her to stop, Bonnie asked while her fingers disappeared inside of her slit. No, Valerie replied quickly, it's just that I've never done anything like this before.

You've never had your pussy sucked on, Bonnie asked. Of course I have, Valerie replied while moaning, it's just that I've never had a woman do it, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh that feels so goooooooooood. Just relax and enjoy it, Bonnie sighed, Cherry really seems to know what she's doing. Beads of sweat began breaking out on Valerie's forehead while her pussy lips were bulging out almost beyond belief.

I-I'm so close, Valerie gasped, oh yeah, baby, do my clit for me, mmmmmmmmm yes, do it. Valerie didn't know how many times Jack had sucked on her pussy, but it was in the hundreds for sure, and in all that time, never once had he approached giving her the pleasure that Cherry was giving her at that exact moment. Her cunt began to spasm uncontrollably as cherry's tongue went into overdrive, and even when a stranger came barging into the john, Valerie was too far gone to care, as her orgasm erupted like a volcano deep inside of her burning pussy.

Smiling she nodded that ought to do, oh. She best wear clothes, she giggled. I dived right in. Instead of holding it up for me to see she began stripping.

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Luke 11 months ago
Ideal for a bukkake session!
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A lovely lady x
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she could easily take a lot bigger
Munitius 11 months ago
De donde eres
Aurizius 11 months ago
This is such a well trained little daddy's girl.
Ishnfyn 11 months ago
Does any man think a woman's spread legs is a dirty vision? i've only had!