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On the left a small hawk beneath the moon over the river. Suddenly Nuha's eyes flicked open as she started to chant as fast as she could. Christ alive, he said to himself as he walked over to the platform, she is fucking hot.

Oh, baby, he said softly, you really put on a show, are you sure you're all right. With the thick cock still hanging lewdly out of her hairy cunt, she replied I-I'm just fine, but that was a really hard one, I haven't cum like that in years.

Tell me baby, he asked while sitting down beside her, when's the last time you had a real live dick in your mouth. Over a year, she admitted, and do I ever miss it. Do you swallow, he asked casually while gently taking hold of the end of the dildo and pressing it into her, you look like the kind of woman who loves the taste of cum. The sassy talk form Carl and the renewed pressure on the rubber cock, made Glenna's pussy flood once more, and again her breathing became shallow as she tried to answer him, I-I love sucking cum and swallowing, oh, oh, oh, that feels so good, ohhhhhhhhh, yessssss, I guess I'm just a cock sucker at heart, ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Now while actually moving the thick cock in and out of her pussy he asked, So Glenna, would you consider yourself a cock hound or just a cock sucker. This was insane, this potty mouth of a photographer was absolutely driving her crazy with lust, and as incredible as it seemed, she was on the verge of another giant orgasm.

I asked you a question, dear, he persisted, cock sucker or cock hound, which is it. Uh, ohhhhhhhhhh, god, she stammered, I-I don't know, neither, no, no, that isn't right, ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyy, that feels good, I-I'm a cock sucker, that's it, a cock sucker, ohhhhhhh.

Of course you are, he said sweetly, and just to show you what a nice guy I am, I'm going to give you this, as he stood up and let his hard cock bounce just inches in front of her mouth. When her eyes finally focused on it, she nearly went wild trying to put it into her mouth, but he playfully leaned back, just keeping it barely out of her greedy reach. So, he said in an innocent voice, does my hot bitch Glenna want some hard pecker.

God, she panted, don't torture me this way, please let me have it, it's been so long for me. Now sharply twisting the dildo in her cunt, he asked in an even voice, So tell me, bitch, how much do you like to suck dick.

The harsh twist of the dildo made her gasp, but she quickly recovered and begged, Y-you know I can't help myself, so please, let me put it in my mouth, I promise to swallow it, so pretty please, let mama have your hard young pecker.

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nice, I lick you
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She's not a milf. she's only 29 for fuck sake
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Wow she looks good!!!!
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shit studio rubbish
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DAMN, she is HOTT
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wow ja der spritzt ja vielleicht geil ab, so einen schwarzen schwanz wurde ich auch gerne mal wieder blasen und diese fetten spermaladungen schlucken
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Cocks touching eternal bond.
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I love your profile pic. That's me on my knees sucking cock. OMG. Betty